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Chinese Herbal Medicine

• Chinese herbal medicine incorporates substances from animal, mineral and vegetable sources with the majority from plant sources. 


• Most of these substances were originally used as food and many are still used on a daily basis in traditional Asian cuisine to promote overall health.


• Medicinal formulas have an average of 8-20 different ingredients that have been used together safely and effectively for human beings for over 2,500 years. The combination of substances has a synergistic effect that makes these classic formulas much more powerful and also moderates the potential side effects that are more likely to occur when substances are used alone.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine

• The use of tablets or capsules makes taking the formulas easy and convenient for the modern patient.  


• All herbal medicinal formulas available at Radiant Fertility Acupuncture are manufactured under the strictest safely guidelines and have been stringently tested for any contamination and to assure potency and purity. 


• Chinese herbal medicinal fertility formulas are not prescribed to be used concurrently with prescription fertility drugs (for IUI/IVF), but are very helpful to prepare the body for a greater chance of success with those procedures.

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