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Thank you so much! We're still in disbelief, but watching those videos you recommended last night made it very read!  We're super ecstatic and still smiling!  I had to take another test this morning just to convince myself it wasn't all a dream!

I'm convinced your work is what helped us achieve our "miracle baby".  Thank you so much for all your advice, help and support along the way!  I can't begin to tell you how extremely satisfied we've been working with you and how awesome you truly are!      V.C.



After many miscarriages, my OB recommended I see an Acupuncturist.  At first I was skeptical.  I spoke to Deannie on the phone and as soon as we spoke I knew I was in good hands.  She was knowledgeable, optimistic and sincere.  Deannie truly cares about her patients.  I never felt rushed, she always had more than enough time to answer all my questions. 

She gave me some wonderful herbs and after seeing Deannie regularly, I was able to get pregnant with a healthy baby girl!  I continued to see Deannie during my pregnancy.  I had a wonderful labor!  I know her helping me is just what I needed.  I am so grateful to Deannie for all the help and support she offered me. I am a true believer!       J.J




From the day I was given the heartbreaking news that we will have a difficult time conceiving a baby due to a condition, I immediately reached out to Deannie at Radiant Fertility Acupuncture for treatment.  Unlike most healthcare professionals, Deannie took the time to get to know me as a person first and foremost, rather than merely a client or patient.  She was so kind and welcoming, which enabled me to open up to her without hesitation - allowing Deannie to dig deeper into my history and into my way of life as a whole.  

By doing this - she was able to determine what areas in my life and health that needed to be addressed and treated.  I received treatment from Deannie twice a week and looked forward to every visit.  At the end of each treatment, which was always so quick and efficient, she would encourage me to relax with soothing meditation or music which always gave me that "dose" of rest that I needed.  I always left her office so rejuvenated, looking forward to our next visit.  

10 months later, I had a beautiful baby girl - and I was thrilled to introduce her to Deannie, as her role was vital in my establishing a healthy and safe pregnancy throughout.  I highly recommend Deannie for anyone seeking Acupuncture, whether for general treatment, or for treating infertility or supporting pregnancy.  Her kind and gentile nature, optimistic outlook, and incredible knowledge and experience is what makes her stand out from the rest!

Once the baby gives me a little bit of a break - I'm running right back to her office!  Thanks Deannie for all you have done for our new little family!      D.B.


When I first came to see Deannie I was in a state of hopelessness and literally felt like a broken woman. My husband and I had recently gone through our 2nd failed IVF attempt and were devastated at the thought of not being able to fulfill our dreams of having a family. 


Our IVF doctor referred us to Deannie and told us she had helped many couples struggling with fertility issues. Tearfully, I told Deannie our story and she was very sympathetic but more importantly she seemed extremely hopeful and positive that I was not broken and in-fact WOULD have a family.

I have been seeing Deannie for the better part of 2 years now as needed, and have followed the regime she saw best for my case, including acupuncture, some herbs and many relaxing techniques. In these 2 years my husband and I have gone through 2 more IVF cycles and have become pregnant both times! I have no doubt in my mind that Deannie balanced my body and gave it the fine tuning it needed to help support a healthy pregnancy:) Words can't express how grateful we are today!      F. F.


I wouldn't have believed the power of acupuncture had I not experienced it first hand. My husband and I were ready to have a baby, but my body was not reacting the way we'd hoped it would. After researching many different options I decided to contact Deannie and see if there was anything she could do. She had helped me in the past to ease some stomach issues that I've faced all of my life and to help control my related anxiety. The relief she gave me from both made me feel like a new person.

Deannie assured me that acupuncture can be an incredibly effective medicine for fertility too. She listened to my concerns and took the time to thoroughly understand my specific needs and make a personalized plan to get my body back on track. The results that I experienced were nothing short of miraculous. Deannie is an incredibly sensitive, talented and knowledgeable woman, and I am eternally grateful to her for helping prepare my body for a healthy and strong pregnancy. I am five months pregnant now and couldn't be happier!     J. F.


Words cannot describe how amazing Deannie is!  I came to her for a specific purpose and I am 100% sure that I never would have overcome it if it were not for her expertise and kindness. Every time I walk into her office and see her face, it is like going home.  You can tell she actively keeps up to date on all practices and medicine, she could explain procedures more than my own doctor could and she ALWAYS made time for me, whether I was calling in a panic or e-mailing for advice.  I don't like needles either, but I am never uncomfortable and Deannie is so gentle.

I absolutely love her and recommend her to everyone, ailing or not.  I will continue to go to her for life!      J.S.



My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant ever since the year 2009 when we very sadly lost our child due to a miscarriage. Since then we have been trying to conceive. My wife is 33 years old and this is the second time that she has ever been pregnant due to stress causing her to miscarry way before she could ever know that she was pregnant. The first time that she was pregnant, she was on a vacation with me and we weren't thinking of anything at all.  My wife didn't have any help from doctors so she lost the baby because she didn't have the right vitamins in order for her to carry to a full term.  We then went for IUI 2 times without success.

We then learned of Deannie at Radiant Fertility Acupuncture.  The IVF office recommended that both of us receive treatment.  I only needed help for a few months, but we decided that my wife would continue going for weekly acupuncture treatments until she would get pregnant.  It has been about 7 months since we have been going to Deannie and we just discovered that we are pregnant!  My wife is continuing to go to Deannie for care during her pregnancy to make sure that everything is fine. We also returned to the IVF center today just to keep tabs on what we need to take and the health and development of the baby. They have confirmed that my wife's hormone levels are great and we even heard the very first heartbeat at our 6 week ultrasound.

We are so excited and happy that Deannie was able to heal my wife to a relaxed state to be able to conceive. There are no words to describe how we feel that we owe our everything to God for giving Deannie the wisdom and knowledge to heal people and to Deannie for being a saint.

To whomever wants to have a baby, please give Deannie the chance to heal your bodies back to the state that it needs to be in for you to carry a healthy baby. Listen to her, she knows what paths are needed for you to travel to be healed back to a normal state. It doesn't happen overnight, but as soon as you start treatments with her, you notice the difference on every visit.

We love you Deannie and thank you so much for everything that you have done for us!     W. & K. T


I can't say THANK YOU enough to Deannie who helped me through the entire process of IVF. Without her gentle touch and way of explaining the process, including all the different emotions I would go through, I don't know what I would have done. Upon learning that my husband and I were going to need help conceiving, the fertility doctor's office recommended Deannie and the use of acupuncture to help the success rates of the IVF procedure. I had never gone through acupuncture treatments before and was very excited to see what it was all about. After all, if it was going to help strengthen me and my chance of conceiving, I'll do whatever it takes.

After meeting Deannie, I felt completely comfortable and at ease. I immediately felt like I was in good hands and she was going to help make this process as smooth as possible. Everything about her and her office made me feel like I had found the perfect scenario to help me get through the emotions that lie ahead. When she said she comes to the fertility center on the day of transfer to make sure that I'm relaxed and stimulated just right, that meant the world to me.  This is a service that exceeds typical "office hours".  Deannie's process, her warm heart, her positive spirit, her understanding and patience with all my questions really made me feel at home. I couldn't wait for the next appointment!  I would recommend her hands down to anyone!  She is by far the best!

Update: Thanks to Deannie's help in supporting my fertility, I can happily say we are pregnant!!!  I look forward to continuing treatments during my entire pregnancy and hope to find some time after the baby to continue my appointments. THANK YOU! I'm so thankful you came into my life!     C.J.


My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a long time. We went through an IVF cycle before we decided to go see another doctor.  Our new fertility clinic recommended that I contact Deannie and I have to say that this was the best advice that anybody could have given us.  Deannie is extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring and she makes sure you understand how the fertility process works. She is always available to answer any questions you might have.  


What was even better is that under her care I was able to get pregnant naturally for the first time ever!  I couldn't believe the power of acupuncture and herbs. Unfortunately the baby couldn't make it but she made sure my body fully recovered to try to get pregnant again. Deannie continued to be a great support during my next IVF cycle, she was with me during every step of my protocol and we are happy to say that we are pregnant!!  We are so extremely happy and we can't wait to hold our baby in our arms.

We will forever be thankful to you, Deannie, for being by our side during this long journey.  Thank you, thank you!     T.B.


I have been seeing Deannie for just over a year and I'm not sure there's enough space to emphasize how much she's helped me and impacted my life for the better!  She is an absolute pro, full of wisdom, insight and experience.  Her dedication to me as a patient has been nothing short of amazing.  I love that she is not afraid to speak her mind or tell me what I need to hear as opposed to what I want to hear.  She has never been wrong and I trust her implicitly!  


On many occasions she has even provided me with book recommendations, web links and information that she thinks will benefit me.  I appreciate this on so many levels as it lets me know that not only is she passionate about what she does while I'm in her office, but that she also is constantly thinking of ways to help me.  Her passion and determined devotion to my well-being is second to none. It’s a rare quality to find and I truly feel very lucky to have found her.      F.H.


I highly recommend Radiant Fertility Acupuncture.  I came to Deannie after suffering from multiple miscarriages within the first 6 weeks of pregnancy.  I had already been diagnosed by a reproductive endocrinologist with a blood clotting disorder, possible low progesterone and a longer-than-normal ovulation cycle.  


Even under treatment for the blood clotting disorder and with progesterone supplementation, we still suffered from another very early miscarriage.  After all of this my body was very tired and weak. Deannie worked with me to strengthen my entire body and I felt stronger after each visit.  It was like going to a full body massage, but better since I was relaxed and energized.  Under her care I also began to experience a menstrual cycle much closer to a "normal" cycle.  Additionally, she connected me with a doctor that discovered I have an auto-immune issue for which I am now seeking treatment. 

While my other doctors (RE's and Immunologists) are very focused on their disciplines, I felt that Deannie was focused on bringing the whole picture together. She was incredibly supportive and I can't imagine going through all of this without my acupuncture appointments.  She really customized a plan for me and I never felt like I was just being put through a "fertility regimen" which is what I suspect I would have experienced somewhere else.

I am now just about to start my second trimester with a healthy pregnancy.  While I am about to "graduate" from the weekly acupuncture treatments, I plan to continue them at least monthly as I find them to be highly beneficial for reasons outside of fertility.

If you are considering acupuncture for any reason, I encourage you to at least give Radiant Fertility Acupuncture a call.  Deannie is very caring, highly organized, and always emails or calls back promptly.      K.B.


Deannie is an amazing miracle worker!  I came to her for stomach troubles, sleeplessness, anxiety and other related issues. This wasn't an overnight fix and Deannie was patient and professional as she explained the process. I started out with two relaxing treatments a week and then tapered down to one per week. 


After a few weeks I started to notice significant results.  I no longer have stomach aches or anxiety. I now enter situations that in the past would have been stressful with a calmness and equanimity I would never have thought possible. 


Deannie also helped me to conceive with fertility wellness treatments.  I really believe that fixing my stomach, anxiety and the fertility treatments helped me to finally get pregnant after 5 years of trying to conceive. 


Thank you, Deannie!  You have been so instrumental in getting my body back to being balanced for my third IVF cycle.  I know for a fact that the reason I had such a good experience this time and produced quality eggs was because of the treatments you gave me. You are the only one who as explained in detail to me about things that my doctor or nurses couldn't or were too busy to answer. 


I have felt so at ease through this very difficult time because you are so positive and encouraging.  You always spend more time with me explaining everything and I honestly consider you one of my most trusted doctors. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful acupuncturist and human being.     L.C.



Fertility challenges are a daunting battle.  Deannie has served as an incredible ally during this trial!  She is extremely compassionate and caring and will go out of her way to provide assistance, knowledge and research to help with the goals of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy and baby.


I consider my hour treatments with her like a trip to the spa. Although I am a needle-phobe, I find Deannie's acupuncture treatments painless.  I always leave feeling relaxed and balanced, regardless of my state when I come in.      A.G. 



I have been meaning to send you this thanks for awhile and time has just got the better of me.  So finally, here it is.  I'm notifying you in this thank you note that on Sept. 7th I am due to give birth to a boy!!  No doubt it is because of you that this was able to happen.  

I hope that any prospective patients of yours that may be apprehensive can read this to be reassured that acupuncture does work and that you are fantastic at what you do!  Thank you again for enabling my "WOMB" to be strong enough to carry a baby.  I wish you all the best!



I first tried acupuncture about 15 years ago when I was in college.  I had recurring tension headaches and western medicine was not helping.  Acupuncture really truly helped get rid of the headaches.  When my husband and I decided to try IVF to conceive and our doctor mentioned that we try acupuncture to help improve our chances, I was all for it.  


Deannie is special!  The first day I met Deannie I was exhausted from work.  By the time I left her office, I felt renewed. When I got my next period it was so bright and red, like that of a teenager's.  I knew the treatment was working.  


After two prior failed IVF cycles, the third one with acupuncture was the charm. At 39, I gave birth to three amazing, healthy, beautiful girls.  Deannie knows her stuff and she is very committed to helping women get pregnant.  She loves what she does!  Deannie was such a blessing, she was not just a doctor, she was my friend.  Thank you, Deannie!!



Deannie has been nothing but accommodating, patient and so incredibly knowledgeable about acupuncture, fertility and IVF.  I was referred to her by two separate Reproductive  Endocrinologists' offices. I have been seeing her for treatments for about 1.5 years through the ups and downs of trying to conceive but I am thrilled to say that I just entered my second trimester. 


Everything has gone very smoothly which I know is a result of the treatments leading up to IVF, during IVF and through my first trimester.  

She also helped me with back pain, headaches and a number of other things that came up along the way.  I would recommend her above any other acupuncturist I have met in the South Bay!



I initially began my acupuncture treatment in order to support my IVF procedures.  Along with my "unexplained infertility" I had high estrogen levels, ovarian cysts, knee pain, a lot of fatigue and extreme moodiness.  I wasn't able to get through an afternoon without a 40 minute nap.  


It has been six months and I haven't had a cyst since I started acupuncture.  I haven't experienced the fatigue and no longer need naps to get through the day.  I do not retain water like I used to and I have lost some weight.  My cycles remind me more of when I was in my 30's.  In short, I feel like I have a new lease on life. 


As for IVF and conception, we are hopeful.  I can say without reservation that having Deannie in my corner during the whole IVF process really helped me get through it.  She has been extremely supportive and positive while at the same time being realistic with my circumstances.  When I walk into her office, I feel like I am visiting a friend who helps me tremendously, she is so sincere and warm, attributes that are simply part of her nature. Any fertility patient would gain much from using Deannie's acupuncture services because of her knowledge, wisdom and warmth.     R.W. 



Thanks so much, Deannie! Your care and dedication have been exceptional. I believe the personal touch you deliver with your guidance and informative insights have made all the difference in helping me to conceive.     K.P.    



I would like to give my sincere and many, many thanks and love to Deannie.  She is a blessing to have in our lives.  Deannie's patience, support, optimism, knowledge and skill have changed my life forever.  With her help as well as my fertility doctor, my husband and I were able to conceive after a few months of her treatments.  We were initially trying on our own with no success, then proceeded to artificial insemination.  


After that didn't work, we decided to do IVF and see Deannie.  Fortunately, my second IVF took and we are blessed to have our little one...happy and healthy. If it was not for Deannie I don't know if it would have happened.  We are so grateful to her for all her hard work and time spent with us through the process.  I have experienced different acupuncturists before and Deannie is by far the most competent in her profession, client relations and work environment.  Not only did she do some amazing treatments on me in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with wonderful meditation and relaxing CD's, but she also counseled me in time of crisis and desperation . 

With her expansive medical knowledge, she was also able to explain to me the terminology that my fertility doctor used during our consultations.  As a sideline, Deannie's herbs and acupuncture also helped with relieving my husband's sports injury, as well as my sprained shoulder joint.  I am forever grateful to Deannie and will be seeing her very soon when we are ready for our second one.  Thanks, Deannie!  We love you!!


Just wanted to share the great news today with you...  After the second blood test, M is very pregnant!!  We just wanted to thank you for your efforts as we both think they really helped her relax to allow for the implantation to occur this time.
     T. & M.K. 


After trying for many years to conceive a child and ending up heartbroken due to repeated miscarriages, my husband and I had reached the end of our dream to have a biological child.  Our last remaining option for our family was IVF.  We had only one chance with IVF due to what the doctors called my "advanced maternal age"  


Knowing this, my stress levels were through the roof and I was suffering panic attacks and depression . I no longer had faith in my body's ability to conceive.  My mind and body were exhausted. 

Our fertility doctor listened to our case history, gave me a long thoughtful look, reached into his desk and withdrew a business card.  My heart stopped.  I thought he was going to declare us hopeless cases and refer us elsewhere.  But he didn't.  He said he would take our case but the odds were low due to my "advanced maternal age".  


In order to stack the deck in our favor, with every trick he had available to him, he suggested that I call Deannie at Radiant Fertility Acupuncture.  He explained that Deannie was a fertility acupuncturist that worked with his clinic.  He said that the women who used Deannie's acupuncture skill as fertility support during their cycle had higher success rates than women who did not - particularly those in my "advanced maternal age" group.  He explained that Deanni's role was to support the woman during the IVF process.  


Since my stress levels were so high, he suggested that the first step we were to take was to call Deannie for support. The fertility doctor suggested that I call Deannie immediately and book an appointment.  I said that I would when I got home.  He gave me a skeptical look and insisted that I call her NOW.  So sobbing my heart out I sat in his office clutching my husband's hand and dialed her phone number.  I left a brief message.  We wrapped up the meeting and went home.  


As soon as I got home, Deannie had returned my call. I liked the sound of her voice. She was calm, soothing, gentle and sounded like a person I could trust. I made an appointment and went to see her.  

The initial consultation was calming and soothing and I felt that I had made contact with an earth angel. She looked me in the eye and calmly asked me my medical history.  I did not feel like she considered me hopeless.  


The more we talked the more my body calmed down . She immediately understood my lack of faith in my body's ability to conceive.  She understood my grief over my very many miscarriages.  She understood my panic at the thought of trying to conceive one more time.  Deannie saw ME, not my case history.  She understood me.  I felt safe.  We devised a treatment plan and an appointment scheduled.  I left feeling that I had somebody on my side that could support me holistically during this scary and uncertain time of IVF. 


My fertility treatments started at the IVF clinic and unfortunately I had intense, unpleasant side effects from the medication.  I was miserable. My body began to feel afraid. My mind began to panic.  My faith in my body plummeted even further.  My husband reminded me that I had booked an appointment with Deannie at Radiant Fertility Acupuncture.  I wanted to cancel because I felt so sick from the medication.  However, my husband insisted.  He reminded me that Deannie was a fertility specialist and that she had faith in me.  If she had faith in me then I should have faith in myself. I knew my husband was right so I kept my appointment.  


I went to my first fertility support acupuncture session. The treatment room was beautiful, clean, airy and softly lit.  The needles I hardly felt at all.  I remember commenting to Deannie that her little, tiny needles felt like a Valium everywhere they touched me.  My body responded positively to the acupuncture treatment.  I was shocked to feel my body calming down and my mind clearing of all fear.  Deannie explained the IVF medication and its side effects.  Then she gave me helpful suggestions on positive body affirming supportive meditative thoughts to replace my fearful internal negative dialogue . I left feeling calm and relaxed.  


My body felt peaceful and in control of itself.  The side effects had minimized to manageable symptoms.  I was so grateful. I began to have hope that my body could conceive and hold on to the pregnancy. 

I continued to see Deannie throughout my fertility cycle.  The longer I saw her, the more my negative symptoms to the medication went away until I no longer had them.  I felt calm.  I felt empowered.  I felt healed.  I felt fertile.  I felt respect and confidence in my body's ability to conceive and carry a child to term.  I felt strong.  Deannie was a calm, grounded, supportive team member in my efforts to conceive.


When it came time for Egg Transfer Day, Deannie and I made arrangements for her to be there with me at the Fertility Clinic.  She arrived with soothing music, candles, warm blankets, nourishing snacks and cool water and her helpful acupuncture needles.  She gave her undivided attention, not only to me but to my husband as well.  We entered the transfer session confident, grounded and calm.  The transfer went smoothly and the doctor was extremely pleased. 


When it came time for Pregnancy Test Result Day, my husband and I were overcome with joy to learn that we were blessed with a pregnancy.  On my first fertility cycle!!  It was a miracle from heaven for us!  We were pregnant! 


I know that my body was the one that conceived but I also know that Deannie was instrumental in helping my body feel supported and calm throughout the IVF process.  If she had not used her healing skill as an acupuncturist I would have had to quit the fertility medication because my side effects were pretty harsh.  She provided the necessary support to my body so that it could do what it was created to do - Make A Baby.  I'm so thankful that I was referred to Deannie.  Every time I think back to the kind and gentle way that she treated me during my IVF fertility cycle I am overcome with gratitude.  I would not hesitate to recommend Deannie at Radiant Fertility Acupuncture to anyone considering using acupuncture as a supportive measure for the mind and body during IVF fertility treatments. I am forever grateful.


Thank you, Deannie, for all your encouragement and well wishes for me and my baby!  :-)  I really think you are amazing at what you do and I couldn't have imagined going through all this without your help!  Thank you so much again!


After having discovered that my husband and I would need the help of IVF and ICSI in order to receive, we hit the ground running in order to start our first IVF cycle. Both my husband and I were eager to get answers and we felt the sooner we could start the closer we would be to one day meeting our baby.  From the first meeting with my doctor he suggested acupuncture with Deannie.  I was a complete skeptic.  Knowing that I would be sticking myself with a bunch of needles during his upcoming cycle, the thought of having someone stick more needles in me didn't do much to convince me that acupuncture was the way to go.  


As it got closer to my retrieval, and after multiple urges from my doctor to de-stress with acupuncture, I finally decided to make an appointment with Deannie.  During a routine ultrasound, my doctor mentioned that my right ovary would likely be the one to do most of the work this month.  I started to worry (as usual because I've been that way my whole life) my doctor urged me to please de-stress and again mentioned acupuncture and Deannie.  


I left the doctor's office feeling even more worried, stressed, anxious and paranoid.  Deannie booked me for the very next day and even took the time on the phone to explain the process in order to help calm my nerves about the upcoming cycle  


First, I feel asleep during that first session and woke up feeling like I could finally breathe again.  Trust me, I avoided going to acupuncture from June to October so that the fact that I fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon with tiny needles (that you don't even feel) on my arms and legs says a lot.  


Deannie spent time explaining the process to me, listening to me, making sure I was comfortable and encouraging me to be positive.  She could have not been more kind, caring or welcoming.  I felt so comfortable with her that I was able to open up about how I was feeling within minutes of meeting her.  All my emotions came pouring out that first meeting. 


On Monday, I went in for the start of my daily ultrasounds before the retrieval.  The doctor asked what I did different over the weekend.  I mentioned to him that I went to Deannie.  He said, "Well, there you go!".  Turns out, my left ovary produced more eggs over the weekend and from that moment on I was converted!  I truly believe that Deannie helped me keep what was left of my sanity and helped me feel incredible.  


My husband and I just received the incredible news that the pregnancy test is positive!  We are thrilled!  Knowing in my bones that Deannie helped me create a more welcoming and less stressed environment, I will continue to see her. I am so grateful!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!



My experience with Radiant Fertility Acupuncture was excellent!  Deannie is incredibly warm, reassuring and passionate about her work.  I found Deannie after a full year of Western medicine infertility treatments.  My body was a mess.  I had not ovulated on my own for over a year.  My hormones were out of control as a result of all the different treatments.  


Within a month of starting acupuncture I started getting my period.  By the end of my third month of treatment I was pregnant.  When I came to Deannie, I felt completely divided against myself.  It felt like my body was the enemy and I was trying to force it to do what I wanted. From my very first consultation with Deannie, I started to realize the negative and unhealthy way I was viewing my body.  


Over the course of my treatments my perspective started to change.  I began to see my body as my partner, my friend.  Although I know that the herbs and actual acupuncture treatments were extremely beneficial, I believe the change in mindset was also crucial to my becoming pregnant.  


My pregnancy was completely healthy and normal despite having a condition often associated with complications and miscarriage.  I believe acupuncture not only helped me become pregnant but also laid a healthy foundation for my body (and baby!) to thrive during pregnancy.  I will remain forever grateful to Deannie for partnering with me and my husband to fulfill our dream of becoming parents!



I have great news!  I'm pregnant!  I'm so excited. I wanted to tell you thank you and that I really believe your acupuncture treatments made this possible.  I know I have done my part all year but I'm just so grateful that I found acupuncture and that you were with me on the day of my transfer.  


Over the weekend I reminded myself of the phrases I heard on your CD.  The mind is so powerful.  I am continuing my treatments weekly and hoping for the best.  Thank you for being part of my journey!!



I have been coming to Deannie for almost a year now.  Looking back I came to her as an overly stressed woman with fear that my body's response to me was taking years from my life.  My experience with her has always been consistent, she was there to assist me in any way I needed . 


My energy has been replenished.  I find restful sleep.  Every visit starts with, "how are you doing this week?".  Through her enthusiasm, she has taught me to be confident in not allowing circumstances to affect my body.  Through her knowledge, I have begun to heal. 

She has great resources and if she doesn't have an answer, she finds the right one to give.  Deannie has genuine concern for her patients and has illustrated this time and time again.  Thank you, Deannie, for opening my heart to acupuncture.      J.E. 


I wanted to thank you for supporting my transfer yesterday. It felt very nurturing to have you there.  I was much more relaxed and it made the experience more meaningful for me.  I have been using the meditations that you played for me while I am at home on bedrest.  I feel more connected to the tiny little embryos that are in their new home. :-)


I have been having treatment at Radiant Fertility Acupuncture for a few months now and cannot speak highly enough of Deannie.  She genuinely cares about her patients’ well being and is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and extremely professional.  


I really trust her and feel safe and emotionally supported with every visit.  My health and emotional well being have improved dramatically since I started seeing her.  She is one in a billion and I will never go to anyone else.  I am happy to make the drive from Venice to Torrance, it’s so worth it!      R.H.



It has been such a pleasure working with Deannie during our journey to have a second child. I suffered a miscarriage and then had difficulty getting pregnant again.  I decided to see a fertility specialist who recommended IVF.  It was right before my IVF cycle that I began seeing Deannie at the recommendation of a friend.  She was invaluable during this process.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and helped answer all of our questions.  


She is also very accessible, answers emails and phone calls during the week and spends a lot of time during appointments providing education and support.  Most importantly, she is a warm, nice, kind person.  Unfortunately, my IVF cycle did not work.  However, I continued with acupuncture and herbal medicine with Deannie after the IVF cycle, and the following month, I did get pregnant naturally. 


I feel very strongly that acupuncture helped me to get pregnant. In addition, Deannie really emphasizes the mind-body connection.  I needed to see that there were things that I could do to help myself get pregnant, including eating better, exercising, practicing yoga and changing my thoughts in a positive direction.  Deannie was instrumental in bringing about this change in me.  For this my husband and I will also be grateful to her.     K.T. 


Deannie is the best!  I have been to other acupuncturists in the area and was always disappointed by the lack of patient concern.  I am so thankful I found Deannie because she keeps me calm and serene, not only with her healing work using acupuncture, herbs and cupping techniques, but also by her words of wisdom and encouragement.  She really knows what to say to make this process easier and less stressful.  


There are several ways she goes out of her way to give you the best possible healing experience.  Her office is so clean and spa like, she has warming pads on each table with heat lamps for your feet which feels so cozy.  She utilizes meditations or just soothing music if you like to enhance the relaxing environment.  I look forward to my appointments each week because I leave there feeling stress free and relaxed.  


During my first IVF cycle, my Dr. was shocked that my uterine lining was so thick so soon in the cycle.  I told him I had been going to acupuncture and he said, "well, keep going!".  The proof is in the pudding... I saw it with my own eyes!  


I also have a problem with my shoulder which she addressed and could relieve the pain almost immediately.  I highly recommend Deannie to anyone who needs stress relief or to help with their fertility journey or anything else...  I trust her to fix any of my problems and I am so glad I found her!




I've been trying to get pregnant for two years. I am currently 40.5 years old.  During that time I had one miscarriage and one ectopic pregnancy where my fallopian tube had to be removed.  After that, we tried for 8 months to get pregnant unsuccessfully.  I did some research and decided to start a "fertility program".  I began by reading the wonderful book, "The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies" by Randine A. Lewis.  When I first contacted Deannie, I was thrilled to hear that Deannie had studied with Randine.


I started going to Deannie once a week for acupuncture treatments.  She was so helpful in every aspect of the fertility challenges I was facing.  She helped me change my diet and most importantly, she set me up on a daily regimen of wonderful herbal fertility formulas to help me with all the issues that were contributing to my fertility challenges including my migraine headaches.  


Her office is new and clean and her treatment rooms are relaxing and tranquil.  She is a highly skilled practitioner and has a lot of advanced training in enhancing fertility including being Board Certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Not only is her needle placement very gently, but she is herself very kind and thoughtful about her treatments. She is extremely personable and professional and makes herself available to deal with unpredicted issues.  


After 6 months of treatment, we became pregnant naturally! 

Deannie is very professional, super sweet and extremely knowledgeable.  I highly recommend anyone to seek her out for fertility treatment.    J.R.




I can't begin to thank you enough for your pre and post IVF transfer acupuncture services today . The difference in how I felt the last time versus this time is huge!! The first transfer I did was without your services. It was one of the most uncomfortable experiences. I was nervous and anxious to begin with and the clinical, cold setting didn't help.  I can't help but think that this had something to do with my negative results.  

What a difference this time!  I was mentally and emotionally prepared to accept and nourish the new lives inside of me.  The ambiance you created in the room also really helped. But most of all, your support and soothing nature made me feel ready.  I had such a positive experience and I know it made a difference.  I left the procedure calm and confident that I did everything I could to support my success.  Thank you!



Thank you, Deannie, for the incredible support over the past 2.5 months as I prepared for my upcoming IVF procedure.  Thank you also for the pre- and post-transfer treatments at the fertility center.  I had such a better attitude going in and this time things went so much smoother.  My doctor really noticed a difference too.     L.K.


Thank you so very much for your support and kindness to me yesterday during my IVF transfer.  It was really appreciated by both myself and my husband. You made the experience much easier for me and I am truly grateful.     C.G. 



I had tried acupuncture a number of times in the past and decided it just wasn't for me personally.  When I started my IVF journey a few months back, I read, was told and encouraged to try again.  So with research and glowing recommendations from my fertility doctor, I went to Deannie.  I cannot express in words how wonderful she is.  


During the treatments she plays fertility meditations that she picks on an individual basis and her knowledge and her willingness to send as much information as possible about anything you ask is amazing.  I would recommend Deannie to anyone!!



After receiving horrible news during my last IUI cycle that I would never carry my own biological child due to no ovarian response and my autoimmune disease, I quickly started researching acupuncture. After hours of research, I stumbled upon Radiant Fertility's website and by our first appointment, I felt as if I had knew her for years. 


After revealing my unusual story for more than an hour, she had much confidence that she would be able to help me on my journey to recovery.

Wow!!  She has brought back my cycles after 12 years of no periods and 3 years of very irregular cycles. What Deannie has done for me is irreplaceable by any measure - giving me a certain portion of my womanhood back and, not to mention, hope!!!  

I will continue to see her for years to come as she is now my "go-to-gal".  Deannie befriended me so graciously that I can't adequately put into words how grateful I am to have crossed paths with such a wonderful, talented woman and practitioner who is do dearly motivated to help women in pain and confusion.  Thank you, Deannie, for your guidance, compassion and wisdom.      M.B.


Thank you, Deannie.  My husband and I were amazed at the difference in our "transfer experience" this time compared to my first at another clinic.  Besides being a lot more comfortable physically, your acupuncture really really helped my anxiety and nerves.  Thanks again!



We can't thank you enough for your support on transfer day and wanted to share our happiness with you.  We are 4 weeks pregnant today and tomorrow we will go for the second beta test, just to make sure that everything is progressing.  I know in my heart that it will.  Again, thank you so much!!


So I got great news on Friday, I am officially pregnant!! I go for my first ultrasound at the end of the month. Thank you for all that you did. It was a great experience doing acupuncture with you, and increasing my chances for implantation and pregnancy. The world needs to know that you are great and blessed at what you do. 



After trying unsuccessfully to conceive for a prolonged period of time, I heard that acupuncture was a viable, safe and effective method for improving fertility and regulating my body and cycle.  I had never tried any form of Eastern medicine before and was pretty hesitant.  However, after meeting Deannie and learning more about the practice, I was immediately comforted and ready to try.  


After 4 months of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas my health improved, my cycle was more regular and I became pregnant!  I'll never forget the day I was able to come into Deannie's office and share the good news. 


Deannie is a genuinely kind and comforting person, with warm intentions to help her patients in any way possible. She takes the time to talk to you about any questions you may have and always answers in intelligent and thoughtful ways.  I truly believe that she always has my best health and comfort in mind, something that is priceless when struggling with something as sensitive as fertility issues.  She is a blessing!



I have been working with Deannie for about a year now.  She was recommended to me by my fertility doctor when I started seeking fertility treatments and help for my endometriosis after an ectopic pregnancy.  I've had a few surgeries for endometriosis and it just kept coming back.  I was tired of being cut open and started seeing Deannie because I had heard that acupuncture also helps with endometriosis pain. 


I was a little scared at first since I really didn't know what to expect and I don't know of anyone that likes needles.  But I was desperate and went in with an open mind. Deannie was just wonderful. She was very sweet and so attentively listened to my problems and history and how I felt that my body had failed me.  But she assured me that I will be pregnant again when the time is right and that I only want a healthy pregnancy.  I had some hope after my visit.  


The session was very relaxing and I would even say better than a massage. I kept seeing Deannie weekly and continued to take the herbal formulas she gave me. My endometriosis pain went from daily to weekly and from weekly to bi-weekly then to I was rarely having any pain at all, which was fantastic!  I was so happy, what a relief!  


In the meantime, we were trying to get pregnant again and pregnancy and endometriosis don't really go hand in hand.  After a few unsuccessful tries naturally, we decided to do IUI.  Deannie was right there to support me through the process with acupuncture and and always answered any questions I might have had.  She was very comforting and very knowledgeable.  


After a few more months had passed I was still not pregnant.  We decided to do IVF at that point.  Deannie was right there, eager to support me by answering questions about IVF, potential side effects etc.  She was very positive.  As we were going through the stimulation cycle, after a few ultrasounds my IVF doctor informed me that I was only producing eggs from one ovary.  I was very bummed.  


I went to see Deannie that day. She worked her magic on me and my next ultrasound showed that I was producing eggs from both sides!  I was so excited and the doctor was surprised!

When it came time for the embryo transfer, I made sure that Deannie was there to support me at the IVF center.  She brought an iPod with wonderful fertility meditations for me to listen to during the acupuncture treatments before and after the transfer.  


The transfer went smoothly and I was very relaxed. Deannie was so sweet, she even spent time talking to my hubby trying to help keep him calm and relaxed. I went to see Deannie as soon as I completed my bedrest for post-implantation support. 

A few days later I got a call from the doctor's office with the positive news that we were pregnant!!  I couldn't wait to tell Deannie because she was right there by my side throughout this journey with whatever support I needed - whether it was just to hear me vent or to give me advise, support and guidance. Deannie has been an angel sent from above and I'm so thankful for all that she has done for me.  I will continue to see her throughout my pregnancy to support my health and the health of my baby. S.M.



Just wanted to let you know I'M OFFICIALLY PREGNANT!!!!  I just got the call from the IVF office today.  My husband and I are so excited.  Thank you very much for all your support, we really do appreciate it!



Thank you so much for your support on Monday during my IVF transfer.  Your presence as my advocate was such a warm relief. I appreciated your thorough communication about what to expect and your positive energy.

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